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Tacoma Spaceworks, Sept. 1 - Dec. 19, 2013/14

Woolworth Window #2, Downtown Tacoma, WA

"Color Wave"

corrugated plastic found ads & LED
13'h x 16'w x 9"d

Corrugated plastic yard signs are transformed into structures inspired by nature and pattern.  Composition makes subtle reference to waves, mountains, horizon line and greenery. At night, the installation is transformed by pulsing colored LED that lights that follow the contours of the mountains giving the piece a sense of life and movement.  

Storefronts Seattle, Nov. 18 - Feb. 14, 2013/14

Amazon Window on Republican & Boren, Seattle, WA

"Graphic Plumb"

corrugated plastic, found ads, vinyl & spray paint

12'h x 30'w x 3'd

Magazine ads and common synthetic materials, such as corrugated plastic, vinyl and spray paint, are used to create an installation informed by nature and pattern. The advertising content is fractured and obscured allowing the beauty of color and graphic design to remain like a plume of hexagons sweeping across the wall in the window space. The repetition of forms, vibrant colors and a prolific amount of reused materials in this work also suggests the potential for these forms to multiply and expand further.

Art on Main, Main St. ​& Division St., Auburn, WA, 2017

"Urban Garden"

corrugated plastic found ads, spray paint & netting

8'h x 16'w x 2'd

Flower-like forms fill the window space transitioning from darker ruby tones to bright colorful notes suggesting transition, fluidity and movement. The advertising content is obscured allowing the beauty of graphic patter, color and organic forms to flourish.

510 Maynard Ave. S., International District, Seattle, WA, 2011

"Synthetic Growth"

corrugated plastic, found ads, & vinyl

10'h x 12'w x 5'd

A standard post office mailbox becomes the starting point for a crystalline growth. The work continued to grow and change over the course of this 3-month installation spreading throughout the storefront space. 

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