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Art in Parks


Heaven & Earth: Acclimatized, 2013, Carkeek Park, Seattle, WA

"Tree Pods"

corrugated plastic & found ads
12'h x 12'w x 12"d

Fractured ads take on the form of hives or seed pods that exist in nature but also have an architectural form. The number of pods implies the potential to grow and multiply blurring the line between what is "natural" and "unnatural."

Maplewood Play, Beacon Hill, Seattle, WA, 2013

"Climbing Crystals"

corrugated plastic & found ads

8'h x 6'w x 6'd

Crystal-like forms made from fractured corrugated ads emerge from the ground and appear to climb a park tree.

Poetry Garden, Seattle Center, WA, 2016

"Colorful Notes"

corrugated plastic found ads & spray paint

8'h x 25'w x 12'd

Re-purposed found advertising is formed into flower-like shapes detailed with colorful patterns. Flowers are clustered at one end and then gradually extend across the wall. The colors transition from darker ruby tones to bright colorful notes in a painterly way that suggest fluidity and movement. The advertising content is obscured allowing the beauty of graphic pattern and color to flourish.

Heaven & Earth: Cultivated 2017, Carkeek Park, Seattle, WA

"Synthetic Blossoms"

corrugated plastic, vinyl & spray paint

25'h x 20'w x 8'd

Synthetic materials form giant flower buds sprout from low hanging tree limbs. Even as these "blossoms" appear artificial, they also fit within the park context in a symbiotic way as if they may continue to exist as part of the trees.

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