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Reoccurring Installation 

Gallery 2312 - Dec. 12-Jan. 10, 2014/2015, Seattle, WA

The Armory - Oct. 1-3, 2015, Tacoma, WA


corrugated plastic, found ads, vinyl, LED & string lights
16'h x 29'w x 16"d

"Abundance" is a reoccurring installation. With each project, the tree grows new details. First appearing in a solo exhibition at Gallery 2312, the tree was made entirely from salvaged scrap material from other projects forming a large singular trunk with several branches suspended in air. The tree has a collaged aesthetic that could be wither evolving or devolving. The second reincarnation of "Abundance" was for the Tacoma Arts Appreciation Month in which the tree grew several additional knots and roots and was further adorned with colored details and lighting. A string of lights draped from the branches creates a festive and nostalgic feel, while color changing lights glowing from within the tree trunk adds another dimension to the piece. 

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