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Bellwether Connect

Bellevue, WA, June 27 - Oct. 12, 2014

Bellevue City Hall

"Metamorphosis II"

corrugated plastic, vinyl, paint & found ads
24'h x 22'w x 3'd


Bellevue Galleria

"Urban Flora"

corrugated plastic ads, spray paint & wire

20'h x 4'w x 4'd

Bellevue Way NE between 6th & 4th


corrugated plastic, vinyl, spray paint & LED

16'h x 2'w x 2'd (each lamp pole)

This temporary installation was part of the Bellevue Bellwether Biennial Group Installation Exhibition. "Metamorphosis II" seemed to stretch out into the large open space of the main area in the City Hall building. Advertising materials were fractured and appear to multiply climbing up a concrete pillar and expanding across the wall. Despite the synthetic materials, the piece has an organic and anthropomorphic feel that appears to respond to the architecture.

From City Hall the art walk continued along the pedestrian corridor, to the Bellevue Galleria. There, "Urban Flora" seemed to grow symbiotically around the trunk of a grand tree. Found advertising yard signs are transformed into vibrant flower-like forms.


Farther down, "Cocoon" was located across the street from the Bellevue Art Museum. Three street lamps were encircled with a pair of chrysalis-like synthetic structures which glow from within at night. The faceted forms were detailed with colorful graphic pattern both reminiscent of striking butterfly wings and eye-catching advertising. 

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