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South Park Community Center 

Seattle, WA, 2012


corrugated plastic, vinyl, found materials & quotes

168" x 96" x 60"

The plastic and vinyl structures clustered in the window emanate like both a honeycomb and a thought bubble from a kiosk. The kiosk provides comment sheets with leading question asking viewers to share their thoughts on community and art. Viewers become active agents submitting written statements in Spanish and English that are then incorporated into the artwork throughout the duration of the installation. Initially, slivers of advertising peak out from several honeycomb facets. Then as more quotes from the community are add, the voice of the community fills up the empty spaces and far ought weighs the fractured ads.

Then, as part of South Park's Fiestas Patrias, I hosted an art workshop in which children created drawings inspired by the festival and community. They were added to the windows surrounding the honeycomb structure and displayed for the rest of the exhibition.

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