The City of Newcastle in partnership with the Newcastle Arts Council 

Lake Boren Park, Newcastle, WA

located next to the parking lot

mural installed 2021


paint on wood panels

52"h x 206"w

"Upstream" is inspired by the natural landscape and history the of the City of Newcastle. The mural features sweeping sections of color that create a sense of fluidity and movement. The concentric circles interlaced thought the imagery make reference to topographical maps. Additional imagery is a collage of views and animals that can be found in and around Newcastle that were then re-imagined in a colorful and stylized way. The cart and pickax are references to the prominent coal mining history of the area. Both the reference to mapping and these details are a nod to the importance of land and a sense of place. The mural is intended to present the character of Newcastle to visitors in a beautiful and creative way, complementing, but also adding to the visual landscape of Boren Lake Park.